$delete sys%login:bookmarks-*.html;

> %DELETE-I-FILDEL, USRDIR:[JFMEZEI]bookmarks-97.html;1 deleted (168 blocks)
> %DELETE-I-FILDEL, USRDIR:[JFMEZEI]bookmarks-98.html;1 deleted (168 blocks)
> %DELETE-I-FILDEL, USRDIR:[JFMEZEI]bookmarks-99.html;1 deleted (168 blocks)
> %DELETE-I-TOTAL, 597 files deleted (100278 blocks)

(the last file was really bookmarks-597.html;1 and deleted earlier)

Mozilla "Secure Web Browser V1.7-13 is based on Mozilla 1.7.13"

Any idea what caused Mozilla to suddently try to create metric tonnes of
those bookmark files over the last couple of days ?

(I apologise to those who feel that VMS should no longer be used as a
desktop OS).