> > Just as I do not impose my other interests on readers of this newsgroup
> > you should not either.

> how am I imposing my beliefs on you?

A better question might be, "How stupid _are_ you?". The phrase
"other interests" is spelled differently from "beliefs" for a reason.

> You know you do not have to read the post
> or article ... or is someone standing over you
> with garden hose dripping water on you if
> you do not read my post or any post?

Oh. Now I understand. Do unto others anything you want, because
that's what you want. I suppose that someone who will believe almost
anything can easily persuade himself that cluttering a VMS news group
with extraneous, inappropriate, religious drivel is actually doing
everyone a favor.

Of course, people who continue these pointless arguments as if _that_
will help matters are not a whole lot less malignant.


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