On Oct 7, 3:07 pm, James Galvin wrote:
> -- On Tuesday, October 02, 2007 8:43 AM -0500
> Rich.Hel...@cais.cus.edu wrote regarding Handling "rate limited"
> sites --
> > ISP was checking the number of recipients per message and the
> > number of messages per hour for their implementation of "rate
> > limiting".

> > I already setup a special channel for this ISP "addrsperfile 1",
> > but what can be done about # of messages per hour? What are
> > other folks doing? -Rich

> Do I get to say the ISP should know better? Oh, I already did.
> Well, moving on....
> Greylisting and rate limiting are such a pain to deal with. More
> and more sites start using these "tools" every day and so many do
> it poorly.
> The other thing to add to your "special channel" is an appropriate
> "period" so you don't retry too often. Each run will just timeout
> when they've had enough and you'll deliver some more next time.
> Jim


Thanks for your advice. BTW: I started my conversation with the
client by stating that these problems were started by her ISP so she
should be contacting them and if not satisfied with working with them,
find a new ISP. Then I tried to help her as I could.

Thanks for the tip on retry period.