In article <>, Hunter Goatley writes:
>In order to provide another support avenue for our customers, we've
>set up discussion forums that can be used to discuss product features,
>ask for help, and report problems. In addition, there are a couple of
>generic forums for OpenVMS discussions and other topics.
>It is our hope that you'll find the forums to be an effective
>alternative to the various mailing lists we run, and we encourage you
>to participate in the discussions there, as well. You'll need to
>create an account in order to post, but there is no charge for the
>account or for posting, of course.


Would it be possible to set this up to work over https rather than http ?
I'm not happy about using a password over http even if it is just for posting
to these forums.

David Webb
Security team leader
Middlesex University

>Hunter Goatley, Process Software,