>The DHCP *server* does not provide dynamic dns updates to a dns server.

I'm afraid you're not correct, Ken. The DHCP server will most defintely
send a DNS update to the DNS server (if configured to do so).

>That is done by DHCP client services on the individual workstations.
>Since the client knows its own FQDN, and gives that along with the IP
>address to the DNS server, the DNS server is going to provide
>information for the appropriate name, foo.example1.com,
>bar.example2.com, or fubar.example3.com.

That's another way of achieving the same result. It's actually rather
annoying (in my opinion) that the default configuration of Windows is to
attempt such an update if the PC is configured via DHCP. Leads to lots of
messages in OPCOM!


Jeremy Begg