> On Jun 26, 5:10 pm, Ken Connel
> Thanks for your reply. As we know that client will ask for IP address
> from DHCP server whenever it comes to network. Then DHCP server will
> give IP address for some period of time (lease). At the same time it
> needs to update the DNS server about this lease means it needs to send
> host name along with IP address to DNS server. In turn DNS server will
> create A record in its zone for this host. So now assume that the DNS
> server is hosting, and as its
> primary zones. Now the host at request for a lease and
> got it from DHCP server. The DHCP server will send host name and IP
> address to DNS server. Now DNS server needs to create A record in
>; My question is how the DNS server will decide that it
> needs to create A record for this host in only, why cant
> it be in and I don't know anything about
> DHCP, Is any configuration needed at DHCP server side to work like
> this? Please clarify me this. Thanks in advance.

There is configuration on the DHCP server side that is needed.
The DNS update that is sent from the DHCP server to the DNS server says to
update the A record for It does not just send the host
part and let the DNS server pick the domain.


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