The DHCP *server* does not provide dynamic dns updates to a dns server.
That is done by DHCP client services on the individual workstations.
Since the client knows its own FQDN, and gives that along with the IP
address to the DNS server, the DNS server is going to provide
information for the appropriate name,,, or

My understanding is that a winders DNS server can store its data in
either traditional zone files or actually store the information in the
Active Directory structure itself. Since you're asking questions on the
MultiNet list, however, you're presumably using MultiNet DNS. Since I
don't let clients update either MultiNet or unix DNS servers, I'm not
sure if those servers actually modify the on-disk zone files with
dynamic updates or if they just keep the dynamic stuff in memory. I
would think they would have to write to disk at least periodically, but
that's just a guess.

-ken wrote:
> On Jun 26, 5:10 pm, Ken Connelly wrote:
>> Yes, you can certainly have multiple primary domains served by the same
>> DNS server.
>> I'll mostly pass on the second part of the question as I don't allow
>> clients to update what I affectionately call "the real DNS". AD has its
>> own DNS servers (running on winders), which domain members are told to
>> use by the DHCP server. Those are visible internally to the domain, but
>> not to the outside world. That said, from a functional perspective, I
>> don't know why the zone on the DNS server that was updated would really
>> matter. Clients are going to ask the DNS server for answers, not a
>> particular zone server. As long as the authoritative server has the
>> answers it should have, the zone they came from shouldn't really be a
>> concern.
>> - ken
>> wrote:
>>> Can we have two or more primary zones in the same DNS server. For
>>> example, is managing and within same DNS server
>>> possible? If yes How the DHCP server will update DNS, means whenever
>>> it issues a lease to a client it needs to update the same in DNS
>>> server, so my question is in which zone it will update the A record?
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>>> Manjunath

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> Thanks for your reply. As we know that client will ask for IP address
> from DHCP server whenever it comes to network. Then DHCP server will
> give IP address for some period of time (lease). At the same time it
> needs to update the DNS server about this lease means it needs to send
> host name along with IP address to DNS server. In turn DNS server will
> create A record in its zone for this host. So now assume that the DNS
> server is hosting, and as its
> primary zones. Now the host at request for a lease and
> got it from DHCP server. The DHCP server will send host name and IP
> address to DNS server. Now DNS server needs to create A record in
>; My question is how the DNS server will decide that it
> needs to create A record for this host in only, why cant
> it be in and I don't know anything about
> DHCP, Is any configuration needed at DHCP server side to work like
> this? Please clarify me this. Thanks in advance.
> --
> Manjunath

- Ken
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