Hi, I've turned on DNS query logging to see what's hitting my DNS resolver.

I'm seeing a lot of
%%%%%%%%%%% OPCOM 5-JAN-2007 10:11:49.29 %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user SYSTEM on NS1
named: XX /

The looker is a system at a reputable firm. I've munged it for safety's

I'm not sure what the /38 represents. I have no records that are numeric
system names. This is usually accompanied by a number of A and AAAA lookups.
I think the AAAA lookup is a IPv6 convention, but is the /38 lookup denote
something? Googled, but haven't seen anyone else come up with this.

Process Software MultiNet V4.2 Rev A-X, Digital Personal WorkStation ,
OpenVMS AXP V7.2-1

As always, thanks in advance.

Mark Kattalia
101 California St. Suite 3500
San Francisco, Ca. 94111
(415) 274-3099