Can anyone help with my question? I am DROWNING in crap email because
my smtp_reject file is NOT working well. It is working SOMEWHAT, but not

Thanks, G Batluck

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From: "gb"
Sent: Monday, December 18, 2006 11:48 AM
Subject: smtp_reject file

> Sirs:
> Please tell me what is wrong with my declarations in smtp_server_reject
> since many
> of the source addresses that I thought I had rejected are managing to get
> thru.
> I have declared the following statements (which are not working/blocking
> email):
> *@*.com * *@mynode.a.b.c y
> *@*.net * *@mynode.a.b.c y
> *@*.org * *@mynode.a.b.c y
> *@*.jp * *@mynode.a.b.c y
> Are the *.com files not blocking things from * That is, does my
> declaration only block * but not * I thought the * meant
> everything before the .com but it's NOT working that way. My mail is
> arriving thru another (server) so I can no longer block by IP #
> (unfortunately).
> Thanks, G Batluck