I'm assuming (from a long-dormant memory) that TTSSH is from TeraTerm, and
thus it's SSH1. Turn on a higher level of debug ($ MULTINET NETCONTROL SSH
DEBUG 6) and zip up and email me the SSH_LOG:SSHD.LOG file
(dano@process.com). I'll try to take a look at it this weekend, but no
real promises .

At 05:47 PM 12/30/2006, Alan Winston - SSRL Central Computing wrote:
>Folks --
>Alphaserver DS20E
>Alphaserver 800
>Shared system disk.
>Just upgraded from VMS 7.3-2 to 8.3 with the first combined update. Upgraded
>from Multinet 4.4 to 5.1 plus all the 5.1 patches.
>Some surprises and gotchas in that process - the Kerberos stuff (which we
>aren't using) threw me, and I had to use NAMED.CONF for the first time - but
>it's now working fine on the 800 and mostly working on the DS20E.
>The SSH daemon doesn't seem to be working properly on the DS20E. (Telnet
>FTP works, dns lookups work, wget running on the system works, etc. Apache
>isn't working yet, but that's not Multinet's fault.)
>The symptom is that TTSSH can make enough of a connection to the DS20E that it
>puts up the request for credentials, but once they're provided, things seem to
>just hang - there's no post-login dialogue. SSHD is running, and it seems to
>spawn additional subprocesses, so I guess it's really listening, but not
>On the Alphaserver 800 (same system disk), this goes through smoothly. I
>presume I have some foolish configuration error.
>Where should I be looking?
>It would be really excellent if I can get this working before Tuesday
>since the holiday break is the only upgrade window I have and there'd be a
>_whole_ lot of work to roll back.
>-- Alan
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