Sorry to waste your time with the last question. It was weird-seeming; SSHD
running, spawning processes, collecting credentials, but never carrying
through a login process. TCPDUMP showed that it was still exchanging
keepalives with the client.

Problem turned out to be that each connection produces an SSHD.LOG file, we'd
gotten up to ;32767 back in April, and that wasn't previously a problem. I
zapped that file and connections started going through. (Kinda slow from the
other node in the cluster, for some reason, but works quick enough with ttSSH.)

So did SSH for 4.4 not care about being unable to open a log file, and it does
care now? Does it make any difference that the system disk is now ODS-5? Is
this configurable? What logfile would a complaint have ended up in? (I didn't
try, and should have, REPLY/ENABLE and an attempted SSH connection to see if it
was telling me anything. Would it have?)


-- Alan

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