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Alphaserver DS20E
Alphaserver 800
Shared system disk.

Just upgraded from VMS 7.3-2 to 8.3 with the first combined update. Upgraded
from Multinet 4.4 to 5.1 plus all the 5.1 patches.

Some surprises and gotchas in that process - the Kerberos stuff (which we
aren't using) threw me, and I had to use NAMED.CONF for the first time - but
it's now working fine on the 800 and mostly working on the DS20E.

The SSH daemon doesn't seem to be working properly on the DS20E. (Telnet works,
FTP works, dns lookups work, wget running on the system works, etc. Apache
isn't working yet, but that's not Multinet's fault.)

The symptom is that TTSSH can make enough of a connection to the DS20E that it
puts up the request for credentials, but once they're provided, things seem to
just hang - there's no post-login dialogue. SSHD is running, and it seems to
spawn additional subprocesses, so I guess it's really listening, but not

On the Alphaserver 800 (same system disk), this goes through smoothly. I
presume I have some foolish configuration error.

Where should I be looking?

It would be really excellent if I can get this working before Tuesday morning,
since the holiday break is the only upgrade window I have and there'd be a
_whole_ lot of work to roll back.


-- Alan

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