> "Yost, Donald" wrote:
> Iím running Multinet 4.4a on an HP alphaserver running OpenVMS v7.3-2. Iíve
> been asked to share/serve a printer to the Windows PCís on our network. Iíve
> done the LPD setup described in Chapter 16 of the manual. Nothing shows up in
> the queue. Has anyone done anything like this? Thanks.
> Don Yost
> Information Systems
> Martha Jefferson Hospital
> (434)982-7076

I mean no offense here ... make sure the PCs are using an LPR client
or port definition in Windows... Multinet by itself does not accept
incoming connections as a "share" (SMB?) or on port 9100 :-)

A long time ago I had to play with the "type" on the incoming LPD
(or is it called LPR?) connections to force it to be binary ...
naturally with a smart O/S like VMS there is a big difference
between a binary and text file ... unlike many Unix's or even some
things on a Windows PC ...

But recently I believe most things show up binary (fixed length
files, no CC) in the temp files Multinet makes ... it matters most
when Multinet is reading that temp file to send it to the actual
printer ...

For older Windows (Win98 for example) there is at least one free
LPD driver ... plus I can't remember if LPD is a standard part
of XP (a choice on "port") or if you have to install the Unix-printer
optional module (or some other optional Windows module) ... it's
been a long time since I had to do it :-)

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