When I first got my IA64 box I had it in my office. But then it was
moved and given a new IP number.

I inactivated the slower Ethernet port and switched to using the GigE
port which was configured with the new IP.

On hunting down a problem with DNS I found logicals still pointing to
the old IP. The place they are coming from is


where I see ...
$ Define/System/Exec/NoLog UCX$Inet_Host "mcrc16.med.nyu.edu"
$ Define/System/Exec/NoLog UCX$Inet_HostAddr ""
$ Define/System/Exec/NoLog UCX$Device _BG0:
$ Define/System/Exec/NoLog UCX$Inet_Device _BG0:
$ Define/System/Exec/NoLog TCPIP$Inet_Host "mcrc16.med.nyu.edu"
$ Define/System/Exec/NoLog TCPIP$Inet_HostAddr ""

Both the IPs are wrong.

I can edit this file and fix the errors. But I'd like to know where
they came from and how they escaped my (clearly inadequate) re-
configuration effort. (I had check with the menu-driven configuration
tool and these IPs don't appear anywhere).