At 01:25 PM 10/24/2006 -0400, Island Computers, D B Turner wrote:
>Call HP India support
>Ask for their Supervisors that handle VMS advanced tech support.
>They are probably the guys that supported HP printers on XP before their new
>VMS assignments
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>"mdarling" wrote in message
> > I am haveing trouble printing to an HP 4350. This is what is happing.
> > I have excel open(XP) I have windows(XP) my spreadsheet is 4 pages when
> > I do a page break preview so I can see how it will look when it prints
> > it shows all 4 pages. But when I do a print preview it does not show 4
> > pages it only shows 3. And when I print it out it only prints 3 pages.
> > I have uninstalled office and reinstalled it. I have uninstalled the
> > printer and its driver from the C: drive and added it again and that
> > did not work. Does any body have any ideas. Thank you.
> >

Jim Mehlhop

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