Selden Ball wrote:

> Is there any way to persuade a Multinet print queue
> to send print jobs to a file in a user's directory?

> For example, can the spooling directory be redefined
> on a per-queue basis?

> I don't see any mention of a "print to file" option in the
> Multinet documentation. Have I overlooked it?

> Apparently it may be a future option in DCPS, but our need is now :-)

> Alternatively, does anyone know of another print symbiont that
> can do this?


> I think that one queue per user, each writing a specific
> directory would be an acceptable solution.

> Thanks for whatever help you can provide.

I presume you're talking about a fairly well-defined and smallish number of
users if you're willing to take on the management headache of 1 per user.
Given that, here's two things you could do, although someone may have packaged a
better solution.

(1) Get the skeleton symbiont from freeware or old DECUS tapes; customize it to
just write the file to the users home directory. Define your queues to use
your customized symbiont.

(2) Give each user a queue that is permanently stopped, so by using the PRINT
command (or by an LPR job getting submitted) the job is entered in the queue
database and nothing actually happens.

Have a batch job that scans these queues periodically (probably in DCL using
you know where the file waiting to be printed is), copy the file wherever you
want, and delete the job. (I assume Multinet comes in to this because your
queue-per-user is LPR served and the reports are coming in from outside.)

It's easy to extend #2 to run any arbitrary program on the print file, so if
you want to make PDFs, you can run Ghostscript with the file as input (or set
up a chain of asc2ps -> Ghostscript), or whatever. It might be harder to
prettify stuff with LN03 printer codes embedded in it.

-- Alan