Is there any way to persuade a Multinet print queue
to send print jobs to a file in a user's directory?

For example, can the spooling directory be redefined
on a per-queue basis?

I don't see any mention of a "print to file" option in the
Multinet documentation. Have I overlooked it?

Apparently it may be a future option in DCPS, but our need is now :-)

Alternatively, does anyone know of another print symbiont that
can do this?

There seems to be a Windows based solution (sending print jobs to
queues on individuals' PCs) but I'd like to avoid that if possible.

Our business office is trying to reduce the amount of paper records
they have to keep. The mainframe application that they're running
sends print jobs to lpr/lpd queues that are served by our
VMS/Multinet system.

They're currently testing scanning the printer output and using OCR,
That's what they'll have to do for existing documents, but it'd
be nice to avoid that effort for future documents.

I think that one queue per user, each writing a specific
directory would be an acceptable solution.

Thanks for whatever help you can provide.

Selden E. Ball, Jr.

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