Selden E Ball Jr wrote:
> Is there any way to persuade a Multinet print queue
> to send print jobs to a file in a user's directory?
> For example, can the spooling directory be redefined
> on a per-queue basis?
> I don't see any mention of a "print to file" option in the
> Multinet documentation. Have I overlooked it?
> Apparently it may be a future option in DCPS, but our need is now :-)
> Alternatively, does anyone know of another print symbiont that
> can do this?
> There seems to be a Windows based solution (sending print jobs to
> queues on individuals' PCs) but I'd like to avoid that if possible.
> Our business office is trying to reduce the amount of paper records
> they have to keep. The mainframe application that they're running
> sends print jobs to lpr/lpd queues that are served by our
> VMS/Multinet system.
> They're currently testing scanning the printer output and using OCR,
> That's what they'll have to do for existing documents, but it'd
> be nice to avoid that effort for future documents.
> I think that one queue per user, each writing a specific
> directory would be an acceptable solution.
> Thanks for whatever help you can provide.
> Selden
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See my DRAIN program written for this exact purpose (adopted from a very
old program by Aaron Leonard) at

and also on the OpenVMS Freeware v7 CDroms.

(we too have lots of mainframe output going to our VMS boxes; still
a happy Jnet user too :-) )

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