At 04:20 PM 10/19/2006 -0500, Ken Connelly wrote:
>In the long, LONG ago days, I used to run ANU-News here. That
>worked okay, but the VMS filesystem really isn't well-suited for
>news because the device holding the articles will become VERY
>fragmented VERY quickly. I was trying to run a fairly complete feed
>at the time. If you were looking at a limited number of newsgroups,
>then this might be more of a doable thing.

I was looking to run a limited number of news groups. Also since I
am running V8.2 the directory can handle more files. The
fragmentation issue could be a pain.

How does one go about gettting/running ANU-News


>- ken
>Jim Mehlhop wrote:
>>I'd like to know how to set up my VMS box as a news server. I am
>>running Multinet 5.1 and OpenVMS8.2 Alpha on a PWS500au with 640
>>meg and about 60 GB of free disk space. I could probably dedicate
>>an 18GB disk for this.
>>Is there any documentation for this?

>- Ken
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