MultiNet ECO kit announcement

The following ECO kit is now available for MultiNet:

Description: Correct an error in delayed starting of connections
Release date: 13-OCT-2006
Ranking: 3
Max ranking: 1
Versions: V5.1A

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The ECO kit README contents are below.

KERNEL-UPDATE-120_A051 - Kernel ECO kit Rev 12.0 for MultiNet V5.1A 13-Oct-2006

Copyright 2005, 2006 Process Software, LLC

This kit updates MultiNet V5.1 Rev A with a new version of MULTINET.EXE
for MultiNet for OpenVMS (VMS/VAX V5.5-2 and later, VMS/Alpha V6.1 and
later), IF_SE.EXE for MultiNet for OpenVMS (VAX 5.5-2 and later and Alpha
V6.1 and later) or MULTINET_KERNEL.EXE for MultiNet for VMS/Integrity V8.2
and later.

The ranking for this ECO is 3.
The overall ranking for it is 1 (KERNEL-UPDATE-110_A051).

The following changes have been made in this kit:
- Correct an error in which new connections that match an old connection
in TIME WAIT state are delayed in starting.
(DE 10408 ECO KERNEL-UPDATE-120_A051) ECO Rank: 3


This kit also includes the following changes from previous ECO kits:

- Correct a potential crash when using DECnet over IP.
(DE 10360 ECO KERNEL-UPDATE-110_A051) ECO Rank: 1

- Security improvements in ARP handling code.
(DE 10340 ECO KERNEL-UPDATE-110_A051) ECO Rank: 2

- Correct a potential crash due to synchronization errors.
(DE 10318 ECO KERNEL-UPDATE-100_A051) ECO Rank: 1

- Return the default behavior for raw IP sockets to not add an IP header
to the packet before delivering it to the user program. This can be
controlled by the kernel variable RAW_ADDHDR or with the HDRINCL socket
option. (DE 10322 ECO KERNEL-UPDATE-101_A051) ECO Rank: 3

- Subtract the length of the options to be sent as part of TCP packets
when sending a packet with MSS data as there are some systems and
routers that misinterpret the MSS option in RFC 879 as the maximum
beyond the minimum length headers.
(DE 10265 ECO KERNEL-UPDATE-092_A051) ECO Rank: 3

- Correct an error which can cause a system crash when there is an error
transmitting an ethernet packet.
(DE 10285 ECO KERNEL-UPDATE-091_A051) ECO Rank: 1

- Correct an error which can cause a system crash while obtaining IP
connection information from SNMP.
(DE 10252 ECO KERNEL-UPDATE-080_A051) ECO Rank: 1

- For Integrity systems the MultiNet kernel variables TCP_DO_NAGLE,

- Correct an error which can cause a spinwait timeout resulting in a
system crash.
(DE 10216 ECO KERNEL-UPDATE-070_A051) ECO Rank: 1

- Modify the check for zero length data in SIOCGIFCONF so that it is done
regardless of the address value. This corrects a problem that some
Java programs have.
(DE 10205 ECO KERNEL-UPDATE-060_A051) ECO Rank: 3

- Check TCP_MAXPERSISTIDLE for zero, allowing the persist drop function
to be disabled. This restores MultiNet 4.4 functionality
(DE 10203 ECO KERNEL-UPDATE-060_A051) ECO Rank: 3

- Correct an error which can cause a system crash when using DECnet
Application Services.
(DE 10198 ECO KERNEL-UPDATE-050_A051) ECO Rank: 1

- Correct an error which can cause socket to not be completely cleaned up
upon close. This results in reduced performance on the system.
(DE 10187 ECO KERNEL-UPDATE-040_A051) ECO Rank: 2

- Correct an error which can cause a system crash on Alpha or Integrity
(DE 10176 ECO KERNEL-UPDATE-030_A051) ECO Rank: 1

- Correct an error which can cause a system crash on VAX systems.
(DE 10153 ECO KERNEL-UPDATE-020_A051) ECO Rank: 2

- Correct an error in processing an ICMP message.
(DE 9700 ECO KERNEL-UPDATE-010_A051) ECO Rank: 2

- Ethernet interface transmit performance improvements for Alpha and
Integrity systems.

You must reboot after installing this ECO kit for the changes to
take effect.

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