You do have a couple of options.

First, as you mentioned, there's NFS, where you would have to find a
3rd-party solution that runs on your Windows machines.

Second, there's the CIFS product from HP that's current in beta
test. However, to get it to install on MultiNet, the PCSI container has to
be rebuilt with a few different command procedures, as the initial kits
only install on TCP/IP Services. If you go that route, contact Process
Software Tech Support for information on how to do that.

At 07:10 AM 10/9/2006, Hugh Dowell wrote:
>Hello all. I am trying to find the best method of mounting AlphaVMS
>directories on Windows XP machines. The directories contain only text
>files, so there shouldn't be a problem with file compatibilities. I've
>heard that I need something like NFS Maestro or a similar product
>(Reflection or Chameleon possibly). I may also be interested in mounting
>Windows XP folders on an AlphaVMS machine. We're using AlphaVMS v7.3-2
>and MultiNet v5.1. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
>Hugh Dowell

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