Hugh Dowell wrote:
> I am trying to find the best method of mounting AlphaVMS
> directories on Windows XP machines. The directories contain only
> text files, so there shouldn't be a problem with file
> compatibilities. I've heard that I need something like NFS Maestro
> or a similar product (Reflection or Chameleon possibly).

You can have it for free from Microsoft by now, see
for a starting point. The "Windows Services for UNIX" can be
downloaded from Microsoft's site, too. Unfortunately, I don't
have an URL for that. Sorry.

> I may also
> be interested in mounting Windows XP folders on an AlphaVMS
> machine. We're using AlphaVMS v7.3-2 and MultiNet v5.1.

For that, you'd need an NFS server on XP. Not sure whether the
Windows Services for UNIX comes with one.

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