I don't know any thing about QualStar.
On MSL5026, we use to specify the drive id from little LCD console on the
Can your HW sales person help you?



From: James P. Byrne [mailto:byrnej@mail.montclair.edu]
Sent: Wed 9/20/2006 5:51 PM
To: info-multinet@process.com
Subject: VMS and Qualstar

My apologies for the off topic posting, but I cannot think of another
way to ask this question. Does anyone know of a site that is using
QualStar tape libraries with VMS? I have a six drive library on a SAN
fabric, but my cluster only sees one tape drive - $2$MGA0:. I can talk
to it, and am looking to buy the MRU utility to see if I can
manage/manipulate the library, but I'm getting the sick feeling that I'm
the only person on the planet that has this configuration.

Thanks in advance,

Jim Byrne