Jeremy Begg wrote:
> Hi,
> Process Software MultiNet V5.1 Rev A-X, COMPAQ AlphaServer DS20E 666 MHz,
> OpenVMS AXP V8.2
> This system has two 100Mbit ethernet ports, one on and one on
> Currently MultiNet is configured so that they are isolated
> from each other, i.e.
> $ mu set/kernel IPFORWARDING 0
> The site operates a VoIP network which is contactable via the
> network. They now want to add some more VoIP phones which for various
> reasons *must* be on the network.
> So the first thing we'll need to do is re-enable the IPFORWARDING, I assume.
> I'll also add some packet filters to limit the forwarded traffic to the VoIP
> stuff.
> My question is, will MultiNet forward UDP packets from one network to the
> other? (I don't know if UDP is a requirement, I just thought I'd ask!)

Yes, it will forward UDP and all other IP protocols.