experiment carefully!, but in PMDF this could be done by:

alias table/database entry:
username: _username,user@blackberry.net

and in mail:
MAIL> set forward in%username

The _username in the alias says "don't follow forwarding for the username"
The set forward in MAIL sends local mail through pmdf (multinet would be

- ken

David P. Drake wrote:

> I've got a user who wants to forward a copy of all his mail to his
> blackberry and still be able to access it on the VMS system.
> I belive I can solve part of the problem using a mail alias, however
> he wanted all mail and that would only forward mail precessed through
> the Multinet SMTP server. Is there a way I can do this at the VMS mail
> level without creating a mail loop?
> Dave.
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- Ken
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