A. Mahendra Rajah wrote:

> I asked this question in this list yesterday and did not get
> any response (except several out-of-office auto-responses!)
> Since I really do not know how to do this, I am at the mercy
> of the collective wisdom of this list to accomplish this.
> Any help or insight will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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> Original quiestion:
> The network people are complaining that one of my Alpha systems
> running OVMS 6.2 and Multinet v4.4 (A-X, 30-Jan-2002) is
> sending an icmp port unreachable packet in response to a
> broadcast packet. They claim that if every machine did this
> then a machine issuing a broadcast would get flooded with icmp
> unreachable packets.

Then a machine shouldn't send such a packet, heh.

Seriously, RFC1122 is a bit contradictory on this topic, but leans
towards not allowing this.

Since RFC1122, however, in conjunction with spoofed IP addresses,
such behavior causes amplification which is rife for DoS.

> Can this be turned off?
> Is this the right behavior on a network? If not, how do I turn
> it off?

MultiNet has kernel filters so you could filter it there. That's
a decent workaround.