MultiNet ECO kit announcement

The following ECO kit is now available for MultiNet:

ECO: IF_VE-010_A050
Description: Correct problem that caused BUGCHECK on MultiNet start
Release date: 19-MAY-2005
Ranking: 1
Max ranking: 1
Versions: V5.0A

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The ECO kit README contents are below.

IF_VE-010_A050 ECO kit rev 1.0 For Multinet V5.0 Rev A 18-May-2005

Copyright (c) 2004, 2005, Process Software LLC

Overall ECO Rank 1
Version 1.0 Rank 1

This ECO kit provides a new version of the IF_VE loadable driver portion
of the MULTINET kernel, for Multinet V5.0 Rev A. This image includes the
following changes:

IF_VE-010_A050 - ECO Rank 1
- Correct problems which prevented the IF_VE loadable driver from
being used. The IF_VE loadable driver can now be used for
Ethernet and FDDI connections in situations where the IF_SE driver
does not work due to the lack of the VCI interface in the
underlying VMS driver. (D/E 10005)

You must reboot after installing this ECO kit for the changes to
take effect.

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