MultiNet ECO kit announcement

The following ECO kit is now available for MultiNet:

Description: Correct errors in getservent and getprotoent
Release date: 13-MAY-2005
Ranking: 2
Max ranking: 2
Versions: V4.4A

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The ECO kit README contents are below.

SOCKET_LIBRARY-020_A044 ECO kit rev 2.0 for MultiNet V4.4 Rev A 13-May-2005
ECO Rank 2

Copyright (c) 2003,2005 by Process Software

This ECO kit provides a new version of MULTINET_SOCKET_LIBRARY and applies
to MultiNet V4.4 Rev A.

This kit provides the following changes to V4.4A:

o Correct errors in getservent and getprotoent that could cause
an ACCVIO or other unexpected results if setservent or setprotent
are not called first. (D/E 10004) (ECO Rank 2)

The following changes were provided in previous versions of this
ECO kit:

o New entry points for UCX_LIBARY_EMULATION-030_A044 or later to
support a future version of DECwindows Motif. This kit provides
new functionality for both VAX and Alpha. (D/E 8724) (ECO Rank 3)

o New entry points for UCX_LIBRARY_EMULATION to support Kerberos V5
on AXP V7.2-2 and later.

************************************************** ***************
PLEASE NOTE: This kit supports the HP Kerberos for OpenVMS
release 2.0, based upon MIT Kerberos release 1.2.6. The
MULTINET_SOCKET_LIBRARY.EXE image was modified to work with
the 2.0 kit.

This MultiNet kit must be installed before any Kerberos
configuration is done.

HP Kerberos for OpenVMS Release 2.0 is supported on OpenVMS
Alpha V7.2-2 and greater. Accordingly, this kit only supplies
new functionality for OpenVMS Alpha V7 and later.

For more details, see the product information page at:
************************************************** ***************

(D/E 8985) (ECO Rank 3)

You do not have to reboot after installing this kit.
New sessions will automatically use the new images.

SMTP should be restarted by @MULTINET:START_SMTP.

The MultiNet master_server should be restarted by @MULTINET:START_SERVER.

[End of ECO announcement]