> From: Michael Fleming [mailto:mfleming@csub.edu]

> The printer is a Xerox 5500DX that, according to their documentation,
> supports "Microsoft IPP" (my first clue of impending trouble).
> First things first, does it print at all? Yes! (After reading

I'm glad it worked. In the past we had some issues with Xerox printers claiming IPP support, but Xerox wasn't interested in returning our calls to discuss the problems we were seeing with their implementation. Apparently someone else got them to address them, since the ones we were seeing were very basic and prevented printing at all.

> Using the MultiNet documentation, we tried printing to various trays
> using the /param=media=xxx parameter. Here is MultiNet's
> documentation for media names:

Those are the ones mentioned in the RFCs for IPP. We don't actually care what the names are in the symbiont...we ask the printer what it supports and use that list. The RFCs just have a suggested list, but manufacturers are free to add additional names if they like.

This error:

VerifyJob: /MEDIA parameter for entry 9309, queue blah, specified value
'TOP' but printer at http://blah/ipp does not support media.

Seems to be saying that the printer doesn't support the "media" attribute at all, not that it doens't like your particular value. You can see what the printer claims to support with the MU IPP SHOW command:

$ mu ipp show foobar

FOOBAR as of Fri May 13 15:13:33 2005

Printer State: Idle
State Reasons: none
Accepting Jobs?: Yes
Queued Job Count: 0

Name: Lexmark Optra T610
Make & Model: Lexmark Optra T610

Document Format: application/octet-stream
Orientation: Portrait
Number-Up: 1
Copies: 1
Job Media Sheets: none
Character Set: utf-8
Natural Language: en-us

Color?: No
Orientation: Portrait, Landscape
Document Formats: application/octet-stream, application/postscript,
application/vnd.hp-PCL, text/plain
Job Sheets: none, standard
Number-Up: 1:16
Copies: 1:999
PDL Override: not-attempted
Character Sets: utf-8, us-ascii
Natural Languages: en-us
Operations: Print_Job, Validate-Job, Cancel-Job,
Get-Job_Attributes, Get-Jobs,
Get-Printer_Atrributes, Unknown: 18

As you can see, not all printers support all their features through IPP. This printer has a main paper tray as well as a manual feeder that will handle envelopes...but you can't ask for that through IPP as there's no MEDIA feature in the list. It is supported with their Windows Driver (non-IPP) though.

> If anyone has figured this out, I'd love to hear from you; otherwise,
> suggestions are welcome.

Asking Xerox about it is your best bet, but I'm guessing their implementation of IPP doesn't support picking a paper source and you can only print from the default source with that protocol. If they get enough requests, perhaps they'll do a firmware upgrade to add this capability, or not, or maybe they already have and you just need to install it. MU IPP SHOW should let you find out at least what the printer does support at the moment though.

-- Mike Bartman
Process Software, LLC