MultiNet ECO kit announcement

The following ECO kit is now available for MultiNet:

Description: Cluster alias fixes; lengthen retransmit queue
Release date: 11-MAY-2005
Ranking: 1
Max ranking: 0
Versions: V4.3A

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The ECO kit README contents are below.

KERNEL-UPDATE-110_A043 ECO kit rev 11.0 For Multinet V4.3 Rev A 10-May-2005

Copyright (c) 2000-2005, Process Software LLC

Overall ECO Rank 0 [KERNEL-UPDATE-101_A043]
Version 11.0 Rank 1

*********** NOTE ************
KERNEL-UPDATE-060_A043 and later REQUIRES that you be running ucxdriver
eco UCXDRIVER-020_A044 or later.

This ECO kit provides a new version of the MultiNet kernel,
MULTINET.EXE, for Multinet V4.3 Rev A. This kernel includes the
following changes:

KERNEL-UPDATE-110_A043 - ECO Rank 1
- Correct an error in keeping track of the IP Cluster alias that
prevented the FTP server from binding to the address, and hence FTP
was not able to do directories or data transfers in passive mode.
(D/E 9750)

- Correct errors in releasing the cluster IP alias address that could
lead to a system crash (D/E 8008).

- The kernel keeps a list of pending data transactions to be sent
down to the interface. If that queue gets too large, the kernel
will drop a packet and retransmit it after a calculated retransmit
timer has expired. That queue has been lengthened to help prevent
an unnecessary dependence on retransmissions in high activity times.
(D/E 9626)

This kit also includes the following changes from previous ECO kits:

KERNEL-UPDATE-101_A043 - ECO Rank 0 - Mandatory for all 4.3 systems
- A problem where the kernel could begin looping excessively at
elevated IPL has been corrected. (D/E 9100)

KERNEL-UPDATE-090_A043 - ECO Rank 3
- Support for ioctl calls used by Java 1.4.0 on VMS V7 AXP added.
(D/E 8983)

KERNEL-UPDATE-080_A043 - ECO Rank 1
- A VAX SMP synchronization issue that had the potential to crash
systems where the somaxconn kernel variable has been changed has
been corrected.
This problem was introduced in KERNEL-UPDATE-052_A043 (D/E 8332)

KERNEL-UPDATE-070_A043 - ECO Rank 1
- An SMP synchronization issue that had the potential to crash systems
using SNMPD has been corrected. (D/E 8165)

KERNEL-UPDATE-061_A043 - ECO Rank 3
- Significant performance enhancements were made to the methods used
to abort pending selects. These performance enhancements are most
notable when using Oracle.

- Fix defect where multicast datagrams might not be delivered to
applications if pseudo-devices are in use (D/E 7987)

KERNEL-UPDATE-052_A043 - ECO Rank 0 for SMP machines
- An SMP synchronization issue that had the potential to crash systems
with a lot of interactive telnet processes has been corrected.
(D/E 7473, 7565, Rank 0)

KERNEL-UPDATE-041_A043 - ECO Rank 0
- A timing issue that had the potential to crash busy systems using
applications that make heavy use of BG channel select()s has been
corrected. (D/E 7046, Rank 0)

- A potential pool leak was found and corrected.

- Fixed an error in identifying the hardware device associated with
ethernet interfaces to SNMP. (D/E 6771, Rank 3)

- Fixed an error in reporting routing information to SNMP. (D/E 7028,
Rank 3)

- Fixed an error timing out embryonic sockets that don't result in
an established connection. (D/E 7006, Rank 3)

KERNEL-UPDATE-030_A043 - ECO Rank 3
- A select() would hang indefinitely if a process sharing the sockets
being selected on closes the socket [generally from image rundown].
This problem could cause Compaq Secure Web Server for OpenVMS
[Apache 1.3.12] to hang if a child worker process dies. This ECO
is dependent on UCXDRIVER-050_A043 (D/E 6972)

KERNEL-UPDATE-022_A043 - ECO Rank 0
- A system crash related to the processing of a SYN packet has been
corrected. (D/E 6454, Rank 0)

- Correct the order that the network mask is returned from the
IO$_SENSEMODE call to the INET device. This corrects a problem
in which SNMP would display the netmask reversed. (D/E 6499, Rank 3)

- For $QIO(W) calls to INETDRIVER and EXOSDRIVER, if a call to
SYS$CANCEL is made to cancel an i/o request is made, the IOSB
would not reflect the count of data accepted into the kernel.
This has been changed. (D/E 6570, Rank 3)

The previous behaviour can be restored with the following


KERNEL-UPDATE-011_A043 - ECO Rank 1
- Corrects a problem in a routine called by the UCXDRIVER image
from the 010 ECO kit. This update is not required unless the
UCXDRIVER ECO kit is also applied.

*********** NOTE ************
KERNEL-UPDATE-060_A043 and later REQUIRES that you be running ucxdriver
eco UCXDRIVER-020_A044 or later.

You must reboot after installing this ECO kit for the changes to
take effect.

[End of ECO announcement]