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> Recently we upgraded our OS from 7.3 to 7.3-2, upgraded Multinet from 4.4 to
> 5.0, we changed from AS4100 to ES40, increased network card speed from 10
> half to 100 full and upgraded our application.
> Yes, a lot of changes
> After the above changes, we notice that some of the printer are not printing
> so well. For example, a printer will print about 8 pages, then hangs, then
> start to print one page at a time.
> This seems to happen only to older printers. For example, this was
> happening
> to HP4100, but when we replaced it with HP4350 everyting workes fine.
> Any help would be appreciated.

We saw erratic behaviour a bit like this on a 4050 (printing using cups
from Tru64, rather than Multinet, but maybe it still applies). It was
quite strange, as I could watch the port counters on the switch, and it
really appeared as if data transfer just stopped until the daemon timed
out and halted the queue.

It seemed to be fixed eventually by upgrading the firmware in the
printer. This was the internal firmware DIMM, not the downloadable
jetdirect firmware (although you might check that first). Over time
we've seen a number of firmware problems with this era of printer (4000
onwards, when they switched to ersatz PostScript). The current releases
seem more trouble-free. We found and ordered the firmware DIMM through

The other suggestion of checking for network duplex mismatches also
sounds worthwhile.

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