My first thought would be that the newer printer has more memory installed
than the older printers. This would allow for more data to the printer
before input is xoff'd.

Increased network speed is probably filling the printer buffers, thus
memory, more quickly. Once the printer catches up, it starts printing again
until such time as it is again xoff'd.

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Recently we upgraded our OS from 7.3 to 7.3-2, upgraded Multinet from 4.4 to
5.0, we changed from AS4100 to ES40, increased network card speed from 10
half to 100 full and upgraded our application.

Yes, a lot of changes

After the above changes, we notice that some of the printer are not printing
so well. For example, a printer will print about 8 pages, then hangs, then
start to print one page at a time.

This seems to happen only to older printers. For example, this was
to HP4100, but when we replaced it with HP4350 everyting workes fine.

Any help would be appreciated.