> This is sort of a Multinet question since we're running Multinet on our
> Alphas. It's also in the Process Software arena because they might have
> a product that helps me. Here's the deal:

> I got a call today from one of our big customers. We handle hundreds of
> email boxes for them on the OpenVMS machine. They want to start retaining
> all the messages sent and received through our box in case there is ever
> any legal action that relates to internal email. Currently there is
> nothing at all that we do to archive email.

> The question is this: what can we do (or buy) that can meet this new
> requirement? Someday (months? years?) from now they've said that they're
> going to move their email to their own MS Exchange server. But they
> can't wait any longer. Suggestions??

PMDF from Process Software could offer some simple mechanisms to
retain e-mail messages.


> Thanks a bunch,

> -- Dave Spencer, PageWeavers