>Based on the list on the process site I installed IF_PD-010_A050 and
>INETDRIVER-020_A050. I then rebooted as INETDRIVER said "you *must*
>Now I'm looking at what goes next. KERNEL-UPDATE-707_A050 is next on the
>list, but it states that it requires UCXDRIVER-012_A050 or later.
>UCXDRIVER-020_A050 is there, but it states that it requires the kernel
>patch first.
>What would be the recommended course of action here? Also, can I just
>install all the remaining patches prior to rebooting, or are there any that
>can cause instability without an immediate reboot?

Or to rephrase what others have already said, here's what I'm about to do:

$ set default d0:[kits.multinet.050]
$ unzip *
$ @sys$update:vmsinstal * 'f$env("DEFAULT")'

Very simple!


Jeremy Begg