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The following ECO kit is now available for MultiNet:

ECO: IMAP-010_A050
Description: Increase maximum record size before IMAP truncates; Fix ACCVIO
Release date: 5-APR-2005
Ranking: 3
Max ranking: 3
Versions: V5.0A

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The ECO kit README contents are below.

IMAP-010_A050 ECO kit revision 1.0 for MultiNet V5.0A 05-Apr-2005

Copyrightę 200 by Process Software, LLC

This ECO kit provides a new version of the IMAP_SERVER executable
for MultiNet V5.0 Rev A.

The ranking for this ECO is 3.
The overall ranking for the kit is 3.

This kit provides the following changes to V5.0A:

- Enhances the IMAP server by allowing the OpenVMS documented
limit of 255 characters per message record (line) to be
relaxed. The new maximum record size is 1024. The actual
limit in use may be set anywhere between 256 and 1024,
inclusive, through the use of a new logical name,


$ define/system/exec MULTINET_IMAPD_MAX_RECORD_SIZE 512

If the logical does not exist, the default value of 256 will
be used. This is the value used in prior versions of

Note that while the IMAP server will now allow lines up to
1024 characters long, the callable mail interface it uses
is still documented to have a 255 character limit. Testing
has shown that at least some versions of OpenVMS do allow
longer lines than this and all supported versions allow 256,
and messages with 1024 character lines have been retreived
successfully, but no guarantee is made that this enhancement
will allow more than 256 character lines on any particular
supported version of OpenVMS. [D/E 9810]
IMAP-010_A050 - ECO Rank 3

- Fixes a bug that resulted in accvio aborts in some situations
when accessing accounts that use "<>" rather than "[]" in the
directory specification for the account. [D/E 9959]
IMAP-010_A050 - ECO Rank 3


Post-Installation Instructions

You do not have to reboot after installing this kit. After
installing this kit, you must replace the installed IMAP_SERVER
image by doing:


And you may inform your IMAP users to re-start their IMAP client.

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