> I'm in the process of moving my VMS mail server to a new subnet. I want all
> mail being sent to "user@olddomain" to automatically go to "user@newdomain".
> I've had an MX record setup at the old domain to forward mail for the old
> domain server, to the new domain server.

The best way, IMO, to do this is to just point the MX record for
"olddomain" to the "newdomain" system, then configure the "newdomain"
system to recognize both domain names as being local:

$ multinet configure/mail
CONFIG-MAIL> set smtp-host-names newdomain,olddomain

Outgoing mail goes out with "@newdomain", but mailing coming in to
"@newdomain" or "@olddomain" is delivered locally.

Hunter Goatley, Process Software, http://www.process.com/