I'm in the process of moving my VMS mail server to a new subnet. I want all
mail being sent to "user@olddomain" to automatically go to "user@newdomain".
I've had an MX record setup at the old domain to forward mail for the old
domain server, to the new domain server. On the new domain server, I'm using
the SMTP_SERVER_REJECT file to rewrite the TO address from "user@olddomain"
to "user@newdomain".

My question is,

Is there a way to use wildcards in the SMTP_SERVER_REJECT file to forward
mail for "allusers@olddomain" to "allusers@newdomain"?

I did try rewriting "*@olddomain" to "*@newdomain", but that just rewrites
the username to be "*".

The server is an OpenVMS V6.2 system using MultiNet V4.2 Rev A-X.


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