Process Software MultiNet V5.0 Rev A-X, COMPAQ AlphaServer DS20E 666 MHz,
OpenVMS AXP V7.3-1

After configuring and starting NTP, the file MULTINET:NTPD.LOG shows like

26-NOV-2004 17:59:15.37 time reset -0.297710 s
26-NOV-2004 17:59:15.41 synchronisation lost
26-NOV-2004 17:59:18.17 Acquired peer
26-NOV-2004 17:59:29.57 Acquired peer
29-NOV-2004 11:38:55.85 time reset -0.150629 s
29-NOV-2004 11:38:55.89 synchronisation lost
29-NOV-2004 11:39:02.56 Acquired peer
29-NOV-2004 11:39:03.52 Acquired peer
29-NOV-2004 14:14:35.80 time reset 0.252742 s
29-NOV-2004 14:14:35.83 synchronisation lost
29-NOV-2004 14:14:36.77 Acquired peer
29-NOV-2004 14:14:39.67 Acquired peer
29-NOV-2004 15:05:30.03 time reset -0.159782 s
29-NOV-2004 15:05:30.08 synchronisation lost
29-NOV-2004 15:05:32.96 Acquired peer
29-NOV-2004 15:05:44.12 Acquired peer

After every "time reset" entry, there is a synchronization lost.
Moreover, even if "time reset" appears only a few times every day in
the log file, the actual time set by NTP_SERVER process (as logged
by AUDIT_SERVER) is done more frequently, about every hour, with
identical old and new time.
Is this the normal behavior?

Thank you very much in advance

Massimo Vitali, System & Network Administrator
Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche MARIO NEGRI (