It means you don't have Kerberos loaded on this machine.

For the next release/eco for MultiNet, this message is changed to a
debug message, meaning unless debug is explicitly turned on, you won't
see it.

At 09:13 PM 11/14/2003, Craig Jackson wrote:
>I'm trying to do ssh v2 publickey login to a Multinet 4.4 machine.
>I've installed all of the latest patches, including the ssh one.
>I keep getting prompted for a password. The only message in the sshd.log is:
>SSHD 0001[202002B6]: WARNING: ssh_user_validate_kerberos_password: uc not krb
>What does this mean? (I saw something like it before, using HP's sshd for
>Tru64 Unix. I couldn't figure that one out, either, so I installed OpenSSH.)
>I do not have Kerberos loaded on this machine.
>Craig Jackson
>The Gale Group, a unit of Thomson Corp

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