> I'm assuming that a PMAS Release causes the message to be placed into the PMDF
> REPROCESS channel.

No, it's supposed to go directly to the "l" (or whichever) channel.

> Could there be some kind of glitch in the release code that prevents, on some
> occasions, the normal channel submission process from starting off a job to
> process the channel? All that I need to do is to manually

It's a privilege issue on some systems. The PMAS_CGI:QUARCGI.EXE
image needs to be INSTALLed with (SYSPRV,CMKRNL,SYSLCK,EXQUOTA). I
have corrected PMAS_START for PMAS V2.2, but until you install that,
you can edit PMAS_COM:PMAS_START.COM and change the QUARCGI line
to include those privileges:


In older versions, it was only INSTALLed with SYSPRV, which isn't
enough to create the PMDF jobs on some systems.

Hunter Goatley, Process Software, http://www.process.com/