Just change the VMS Mail forwarding to be in%username and this will do
as you describe.

- ken

Jeff Anicker wrote:

>%PMDF-I-VERSION, PMDF version is PMDF V6.2-1
> Compaq AlphaServer 6/525 running OpenVMS Alpha V7.3-1
> PMDF_SHARE_LIBRARY version V6.2-1; linked 00:19:42, Jan 17 2005
>I'm trying to setup users on exchange while also keeping a copy of their
>messages in their vms mail account. To make sure that messages sent via vms
>mail are processed by pmdf a set forward=IN%"~username" is used in vms mail.
>Then in the aliases. file there is an alias of:
>username: _username,firstname.lastname@exchange.domain.com
>From my understanding the _ should cause the vms mail forwarding to be
>ignored. However, the result is that vms mail is delivered to the exchange
>account but not to the vms mail account. The message intended for the vms
>mail acount is looped and held in the l channel. This indicates that the
>vms forwarding is not being ignored.
>Pmdf test/rewrite/check_expansions shows the username being expanded to:
>show forward/user= in vms mail shows
>I'm guessing I'm not the first one to try this. Hope someone can help.
>Jeff Anicker
>BDP International

- Ken
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