--On Tuesday, October 26, 2004 12:57:34 PM +0200 Bill Bennett

> The authors of this 13-page manual were Ned Freed and Mark Vasoll, both
> then at OSU, and it is dated 25-Oct-1985; so the original port of PMDF
> to VMS would appear to have been done prior to that date...

My first installation of PMDF was in the fall of 1983. At the time just
getting DECnet to work between our three VAXen was a major accomplishment.
This was before ethernet was widely available and a couple of years before
we got connected to the internet. The feature that really caught my eye
was phonenet, i.e. the ability to transfer VAX mail between hosts over
dialup phone lines. The first version I saw was 2.4. The biggest problem
that I had setting it up as I remember was that attribute names in the
options file were case sensitive.

The initial distribution cost $40 and you sent the check to the Harvey Mudd
math department. What I always remember with a grin was calling up Harvey
Mudd and asking if there was anyone that could answer some questions about
PMDF. I am guessing that I talked to Kristin, but I never asked her to be
sure. She told me that I needed to talk to Ned, gave me the number of a
phone by his workstation, and told me that he was usually not there until
after 7:00pm.

So, by my reckoning PMDF is at least 21.


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