> We are moving toward use of an ldap server for authenticating a variety of
> applications, including pmdf mail.
> Has anyone experimented with security.cnf transition directives that would
> accomplish a move from vms sysuaf to ldap?
> If so, what does your security.cnf look like and what, in general, must the
> ldap aci look like to facilitate this transition?
> George W. Miller

This is not currently possible. I have an enhancement request open for
this functionality:

> Subject: PSC117235, enhancement 9556: Migration of PMDF passwords to LDAP
> ...
> Patrick filed an enhancement request for transitioning passwords to
> LDAP. Thanks!
> ...

I can't find "9556" in the PMDF V6.2-1 release notes, now in field test,
but I've not looked deeper into it.

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