A comment on Thunderbird: we have many people using it as their client to POP
email out of regular mailboxes on Unix, and we're happy with it when used in
that way. Some of our users are set up to use IMAP instead of POP, and I
haven't heard of too much trouble, but we did have one user with a large
mailbox (about 200MB) who experienced such poor IMAP performance with
Thunderbird that we had to switch him back to Netscape 4.77. Netscape, at
least that version, seems to handle the large mailbox much better.

We also suspect some problems with MacOS X Mail. I have one user in
particular who is using it who claims that her email is delayed, sometimes
for days, both incoming and outgoing. One email she showed me has timestamps
all over the header showing that she sent it on a Tuesday and that it was
processed and delivered in a timely fashion, but she swears, and she has a
witness, that she sent it the Friday before. I am wondering whether the Mac
Mail somehow held on to it after she composed it and did not actually send it
right away.

If anyone would care to share comments / recommendations on the various
clients that are out there, I'd love to hear them. We are still shopping.

Marylin Bell
Lake Forest College

Ken Connelly wrote:

> Jeremy Begg wrote:
> >I never had this problem with Netscape 4.77. I haven't yet had a chance
> >to change to Mail on MacOS X.
> >
> >

> I have observed problems here with MacOS X Mail when it has to deal with
> large messages. Attempts to delete a large message end up with the
> message in both the inbox (or whereever) and the trash. Subsequent
> attempts result in more copies in the trash and the large one still
> where it started.
> I'm using Thunderbird on OS X (and lots of people are using Thunderbird
> on other platforms) with good results.
> - ken