on Mon, 25 Oct 2004, Joel Snyder wrote:
> Here's the comment from the head to "MM," basically the core of
> the original PMDF:

The revision history of MM seems to pick up with the involvment of
Innosoft with PMDF; I have what appears to be a memeographed manual
for "OSU/PMDF-822 - An implementation of PMDF for VAX/VMS" that
starts out with this background information:

The Pascal Memo Distribution Facility (PMDF) was developed by the
Department of Computer and Information Science at the University of
Pennsylvania. This version of PMDF, called OSU/PMDF-822, has been
revised at Oklahoma State University to interface with the MAIL
utility provided with versions 4.0 and higher of VAX/VMS. ...

The authors of this 13-page manual were Ned Freed and Mark Vasoll, both
then at OSU, and it is dated 25-Oct-1985; so the original port of PMDF
to VMS would appear to have been done prior to that date...

Bill "never-throws-away-a-manual" Bennett

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