Hi Werner,

>only MS-O seems to have an problem rereading and respecting
>changed flags.

My experience has been that all the MS IMAP clients (Outlook, Outlook
Express and Entourage) are not good at keeping an accurate view of
the IMAP mailbox. If the mailbox is accessed by only the one client
PC, and no other user agent on that PC or any other machine (including
MAIL on OpenVMS) accesses the mailbox, it works. If any other user
agent touches the mailbox you will see inconsistencies.

The most frustrating aspect of this for me personally is the "Refresh
Message List" of Entourage, which doesn't. (It will pick up new messages
in the folder but it is reluctant to discard messages which have been
deleted from the server.) The worst manifestation of this is that an old
message might be listed in the folder but when I click on it to read it
an entirely different message is displayed, because the one I clicked on
was deleted long ago.

I never had this problem with Netscape 4.77. I haven't yet had a chance
to change to Mail on MacOS X.

>Important for me/us : neither PMDF nor OpenVMS seems to
>be the reason for the malfunction of MS-O :-)



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