Hello all,


> $! above is one line but broken manually for
> $! transport ;-)

this is what I have in use as long as the
specific parameter is available. This works
fine for ZIPped files too (= /arch) .
But a problem might be the timing - I had to
put the Virus-Scanning as first thing to do
with incoming e-mail , before all conversion,
addressrewrite and PMAS, because PMDF seems
to alter something in the structure/header under
some circumstances (we had begun to investigate
this with Hunter Goatley and Ned Freed, but as
far as I remember it's still an unsolved problem -
maybe Ned can remember what we looked for in early
october '03 ? If it wasn't you Ned, please foregive me...).

Fact : From the day on I had changed the time of call to
VIRSCAN.COM (from Process-WWW-Site with company related
changes only) we have growing number of detected Viruses
up to 98% (before it was around 70% "only").

Maybe theese ideas help

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