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$pmdf version
%PMDF-I-VERSION, PMDF version is PMDF V6.2
COMPAQ AlphaServer DS20E 666 MH running OpenVMS Alpha V7.3-2
PMDF_SHARE_LIBRARY version V6.2-X17; linked 13:01:07, Sep 8 2003

Weird problem, which I guess has to do with individual user settings, but I
don't know which settings.

A particular user (who happens to be the director of my laboratory) uses
Netscape 7.2 from Windows to send a message with an attached document;
the SMTP server he uses is the one listed above.

With assorted attached files up to 4.7mb, he can see them in PMDF MAIL with
a text message part and an appropriatly-MIME-typed message part for the

With a 5.1mb or an 11mb attachment, PMDF MAIL displays a message but it has no
body and no message-part headers show.

However, if he mails the same files to me on the same system, PMDF MAIL shows
the appropriate message-part headers and I can see the attached files. (XPDF
even runs and successfully displays the 5.1mb PDF).

If - and this really bugs me - he uses IMAP from Netscape to read the mail he
sent, he can see the attachment.

Below 5mb, everything's cool.
Above 5mb, PMDF mail doesn't display the message structure for him, but it
does for me.

If I use PMDF MAIL from the SYSTEM account and use his mail file, it displays
the message structure:

586.1 [text/plain; 15 lines]
586.2 [application/pdf; 5146 Kb]

What settings should I be checking?


-- Alan

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