--On Thursday, February 05, 2004 14:40:07 -0800 Richard Watson

> This is not just a PMDF issue, but I am hoping I can set something up in
> our config to "show up" the exchange server guys.
> Our corporate folks have a registered domain of shrinenet.org but, not
> unexpectedly, senders sometimes absentmindedly try to send to
> shrinenet.com rather than the .org domain.
> Now normally this mail should bounce with an invalid domain address since
> shrinenet.com is not registered. However, there is a DNS somewhere that
> resolves the domain to IP address and when our server
> tries to send mail to that IP, it gets a "connection refused" message and
> the mail remains in the PMDF queue trying to send again every three hours
> or so.
> So the PMDF question is what is the simplest way to bounce this address
> locally rather than having it try to contact this maverick site?

There are a couple of things you can do. One would be to bounce the
message with a mapping like:


*|*|*|*@shrinenet.com $NPlease$ use$ .net$ instead$of $.com

Of course, you could just buy the .com domain as well and route mail

Of you could just fix it up with a mapping like:


*@shrinenet.com $y$0@shrinenet.org

This only fixes the envelope to. You would also want a reverse entry:


*@shrinenet.com $y$0@shrinenet.org

> More globally, what can I do to get the DNS to stop resolving the bad
> domain to an IP? According to the WHOIS info, the IP in this block
> belongs to a company called The Planet, but e-mails to their technical
> and admin contact remain unanswered.

Just buy the domain and set it to whatever you want.

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