> This is not just a PMDF issue, but I am hoping I can set something up in our
> config to "show up" the exchange server guys.
> Our corporate folks have a registered domain of shrinenet.org but, not
> unexpectedly, senders sometimes absentmindedly try to send to shrinenet.com
> rather than the .org domain.
> Now normally this mail should bounce with an invalid domain addresssince
> shrinenet.com is not registered. However, there is a DNS somewhere that
> resolves the domain to IP address and when our server tries
> to send mail to that IP, it gets a "connection refused" message andthe mail
> remains in the PMDF queue trying to send again every three hours orso.

For $35 you can put this problem away by registering the domain. Do it.

> So the PMDF question is what is the simplest way to bounce this address
> locally rather than having it try to contact this maverick site?

In your PMDF rules, top half of the PMDF.CNF, either

shrinenet.com $U%shrinenet.org

(do what they meant), or

shrinenet.com $?You probably want ShrineNet.org.

(bounce it with a helpful error message).

This will work for any mail through your server.

> More globally, what can I do to get the DNS to stop resolving the bad domain
> to an IP? According to the WHOIS info, the IP in this block belongsto a
> company called The Planet, but e-mails to their technical and admincontact
> remain unanswered.

I am not seeing this here. What name server is responding with that
data? Is your chain of DNS queries going through a name server that
thinks it's authoritative for this domain?

Again, register this domain and put in an MX for it pointing to your
mail server. Then whichever solution above you choose will be a global
solution instead of just helping out your own users.

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